Nano bubbles x carbon dioxide = Nano carbonated water shampoo
Patented nano carbonated water manufacturing equipment nanoCo2

The hidden cleansing effects of nano water

Just by washing with nano water, less shampoo is used, and it is better for your hair and the environment.

Ultrafine nano water permeates into your pores, removing various waste from your scalp such as skin oil and remnants of shampoo left over after washing. This magical water removes waste that is not removed in a normal shower.

Gentle moisturizing effects from nano water

Nano water permeates deep into your hair, gently moisturizing your hair. That gives it a sheen almost as if you went in for hair treatment.

Relaxation effects of nano carbonated water

f you switch your usual shower time to using nano carbonated water, the effect from the carbonation will reset your daily fatigue. If you bathe in nano carbonated water, your body will feel nice and warm out of the bath, and you will sleep soundly at night.